Community Bulletin Board

You can submit your announcements to:

Sara Antonakos
Programming Director

Andover Television is a non-profit public access service.
Our 'Community Bulletin Board' is intended to keep Andover residents in touch with events and services in town.
Area residents or non-profit organizations can submit announcements that are relevant to the community.

  • We prefer non-animated JPEG images. Powerpoint or Keynote slides are also acceptable.
  • Use large text fonts.
  • Size must be no larger than 720 x 486 pixels.
  • Keep your text and graphics within the green boarder (TV Safe Area) or it may get cut off.
  • Do not use full white backgrounds or it will look washed-out.
  • Dark backgrounds or gradients with off-white/grey/ text with a drop shadow for contrast.
  • Don't use bright colors; softer, less saturated images and text are better.
  • TV's do not have the same color range as your computer and will blur if too bright.
  • Over saturated colors or harsh black text on white backgrounds will wash-out and be illegible.

  • All text announcements must be able to fit into a Standard Definition TV Frame Size. (4:3)
    This means roughly 8 lines of text with 35 characters per line (counting spaces).
    If you have any questions before designing one for yourself please contact the Programming Director below. Thank you.

    No page-long press release style submissions please! They will not fit.

    - Example - (Right Click to Save Download Example Frame)