Andover TV Programs

- Andover High School TV -
Andover High School TV showcases programs and specials performed and created by AHS Students.

- Andover Remembers -
The goals of The Andover Remembers shows are to capture the personal histories of Andover residents who have experienced important historical events, to share them with future generations and to create a firsthand archive of American history and wisdom. It has been developed as a collaborative effort with The Robb Center, The Andover Center for History and Culture and Andover TV.

- An Evening of Poetry -
Poets from the Merrimack Valley and their Special Guests.

- Al Marotta Productions -
Al Marotta Productions is a program that features local guests and explores a range of talent and interests including Banjoist Lukas Pool. “Al Marotta Productions” is taped randomly.

- Around Town -
Events and features in and around the Town of Andover.

- Battleship Cove -
America's Fleet Museum Inside the History of the USS Massachusetts.

- Books! -
A program dedicated to the written word hosted by Terri Kelley.

- Boomer Being -
A program dedicated to the issues and topics the 'Baby Boomer' generation contend with in the twenty-first century.

- Concerts in the Park -
Concerts, events and live performances hosted in the park.

- Connect - Addressing Loneliness in MA -

- Chroniclers Encore -
"Chroniclers Encore" is a series consisting of excerpts from older "There Is Something About Andover" programs and from the "Robb Center Video Library". The segments are selected from programs broadcast several years ago.

- Faith Matters -
Faith Matters is hosted by Rabbi Robert Goldstein of Temple Emanuel and Pastor Jack Daniel from Free Christian Church. Issues of religion are discussed.

- Healthy Cooking For Life -
Does balancing work, home and family make it difficult to find time to cook healthy and delicious meals? Let Helene Spoto's Healthy Cooking for Life show you how easy it can be to prepare simple and delicious food that you and your family will love. You'll also learn great tips and suggestions to help you save money and make your time more fun in the kitchen.

- Hometown Talents and Treasures -
Our goal is to introduce you to citizens who, in their own unique ways, contribute to the betterment of our society.

- Hometown Weather -
Local Weather reports with Meteorologist Erik Mackay.

- Leaders Among Us-
Alex Vispoli interviews several leaders in the community about their styles,backgrounds, and thoughts.

- The Living History Series -
This series features the first hand accounts of those special individuals who personally witnesses some of history's events and give their own personal stories of what transpired around them.

- Music Matters -
Terri Kelley is a pianist, piano teacher, voice instructor and orchestra conductor who interviews various musicians throughout the country.

- Not Too Stuffy Law Show -
The Not Too Stuffy Law Show offers an innovative and entertaining way to learn how the law influences our daily lives. The program blends serious interviews with experts and discussions on case law, sprinkled with humor and comic bits. Recorded locally by Attorney Justin St. James, The Not Too Stuffy Law Show is a great way to better understand the affect the law has on our community and our personal choices.

- On The Spectrum -
On The Spectrum covers a range of procedures and techniques to assist those who care for individuals with High-functioning autism (HFA) or Asperger syndrome (AS).

- Positively Andover -
Highlighting Andover and its many events.

- A Rabbi, a Priest, and a Minister Walk into a Studio... -
Hosted by Rabbi Robert Goldstein, Reverend Michael Hodges, and Reverend Dana Allen Walsh.

- Robb Center Video Library -
An archive of great past videos recorded by the Andover Chroniclers at the Robb Center, available for Andover residents.

- Spotlight On -
Spotlight On is designed to bring current event topics for discussion, to identify particular issues both local and national, to talk about them briefly and give people a better understanding about them in the hopes viewers will be inspired to further educate themselves and others after the program ends.

- There is Something About Andover -
'There is Something About Andover' is one of AndoverTV’s longest running shows. This program is 100% created by the Andover Chroniclers (volunteers from the Center at Punchard). This group has provided a new monthly show for over 10 years. They feature informational segments that serve the interests of all Andover residents, as well as, seniors.

- Wellness Wednesdays -
Focus on food, music, self-care and activity.