AndoverTV / ACAM Documents

Here are the Andover Television / ACAM official documents that are freely available to review. All documents are read-only PDF files for viewing, downloading or printing. These documents can not be changed or modified in any way.

- Documents -

ACAM / Town of Andover Agreement 2013-2017.pdf

ACAM Bylaws.pdf

ACAM Operating Policies.pdf

- Annual Reports -

ACAM Annual Report 2014.pdf

ACAM Annual Report 2013.pdf

ACAM Annual Report 2012.pdf

ACAM Annual Report 2011.pdf

ACAM Annual Report 2009-2010.pdf

ACAM Annual Report 2008-2009.pdf

- Financial Documents -

ACAM Financials 06/30/2014.pdf

ACAM Financials 06/30/2012.pdf

Proposed 2012 Budget with Past Actuals.pdf

Projected 2011 Budget with 2009-2010 Actuals.pdf

ACAM Financial Review FY 2009-1020.pdf